What Is a Neuromodulation?

Neuromodulation sounds technically complex yet there is no reason for patients to be intimidated by this medical term.  Neuromodulation is a form of technological innovation that focuses on the nerves.  This treatment modality is a modulation or alteration of the nerves’ activity with the use of electrical/pharmaceutical agents delivered to a specific body site.


Tap into the power of neuromodulation treatment and/or devices at our practice and you will find they significantly reduce your pain and/or restore body site functionality.  Some of our patients even testify that neuromodulation has changed their life.


Neuromodulation can be used on nearly every body site, helping to treat diseases as well as symptoms.  If you suffer from urinary incontinence, spinal cord damage, headaches, or another disease, reach out to us today to determine if you are a candidate for neuromodulation.


Neuromodulation relives pain and has the potential to restore diminished body site functionality by stimulating the nerves to generate a natural biological reaction.  This treatment modality can also work with the application of specific pharmaceutical agents in a targeted manner.  These agents are applied in diminutive doses to the problematic body site.  Pharmacological agents transmitted by way of implanted pumps zero in on the targeted area with few side effects, ultimately minimizing pain and improving quality of life.


Alternatively, neurostimulation devices directly apply electrodes to the peripheral nerves, brain, or spinal cord.  Electrical stimulation through an extension cable and pulse generator reduces pain signals or even spur neural impulses to potentially restore functionality.

Benefits of Neuromodulation

The purpose of neuromodulation is to decrease pain.  Though neuromodulation is not guaranteed to eliminate a patient’s pain, it almost always succeeds in mitigating that pain.  However, pain relief is not the extent of neuromodulation’s benefits.


Neuromodulation devices are also used to provoke response where there weren’t any before.  As an example, this treatment modality can help restore the ability to hear in a patient with a cochlear implant who is deaf.  The full extent of the benefits of neuromodulation will be revealed in the years and decades ahead as this treatment modality continues to expand in scope and application.

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Conditions Treated

Patients who have Parkinson’s disease, incontinence, pelvic disorders, angina, peripheral vascular disease, and other conditions obtain significant benefit from neuromodulation applications including deep brain stimulation.  Neuromodulation can also be used to treat patients saddled by urinary incontinence, spinal cord injuries, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and migraine headaches.

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