Lumbar Sympathetic Block

What Is Lumbar Sympathetic Block?

A lumbar sympathetic block is a nerve block in the form of an injection.  The purpose of applying this nerve block is to reduce pain.  Lumbar sympathetic blocks are used for a wide variety of conditions that lead to pain in the feet and legs.


The brain transmits information throughout the body’s pathways.  These pathways are referred to as nerves.  Nerves transmit and receive information, ensuring it moves to specific parts of the brain.  The nerves that communicate pain from the feet and legs move through the lumbar sympathetic nerves as they make their way to the brain.  The lumbar sympathetic nerves are positioned in the front section of the spine along the lumbar region, meaning the lower back.


A lumbar sympathetic nerve block involves the insertion of a needle into the lower region of the back.  This needle is moved inward until it hits a position in the front section of the spine where the lumbar sympathetic nerves are located.  The medicine is subsequently injected for pain relief.  This nerve block is especially helpful for patients suffering pain in their feet, ankles and lower legs.


The nerve block blocks off the nerves so they can’t transmit pain signals.  Nerve blocks can also function by controlling some of the involuntary functions of the body such as the size of blood vessels.

Benefits of Lumbar Sympathetic Block

The primary reason to have a lumbar sympathetic block performed is it reduces pain.  However, you will require observation for upwards of an hour after the block is applied.  You will also need a family member or friend to drive you back home after your appointment.  Do not attempt to perform any type of strenuous activity including exercise for the remainder of the day.  Though you will be able to eat and drink as you normally do, you might not be able to resume all of your regular medicines in the immediate aftermath of the nerve block.


Follow our doctor’s instructions for care after your lumbar sympathetic block and you will feel less pain.  Though there might be slight pain along the site of the injection for one or several days, you will enjoy significant overarching pain relief for weeks or days.

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Conditions Treated

Lumbar sympathetic nerve blocks reduce pain.  Patients saddled by conditions that lead to pain in the legs and/or feet obtain significant pain relief from this treatment modality.  The nerve blocks prevent pain signals from being transmitted, ultimately mitigating or even eliminating pain in the lower body.  The nerves that transmit the pain messages from the feet and legs move through the lumbar sympathetic nerves as they make their way toward the brain.  The nerve block prevents the transmission of such pain messages, helping you live with less pain or no pain at all.


If you have pain in your legs, feet or ankles, you might benefit form a lumbar sympathetic nerve block.  Patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy, shingles, peripheral vascular disease, complex regional pain syndrome and reflex sympathetic dystrophy can also benefit from lumbar sympathetic nerve blocks.  Even patients who have frostbite, ulcers, wounds, and cancer pain have enjoyed significant relief from such a nerve block.

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