Intercostal Nerve Block

What is an Intercostal Nerve Block?

Intercostal nerve blocks are a procedure that can help alleviate pain associated with a rib fracture. These nerve blocks are most commonly given to those who have experience falls, accidents or sports injuries and have residual chest pain. This nerve block uses an anesthetic and typically some steroids into the nerve to help relieve pain.


This nerve block is designed to treat pain in the chest and upper abdomen area. The nerve block is injected into the intercostal nerve which is located between the ribs and through the thoracic area. This procedure takes only a few minutes and can help provide instant and lasting relief that makes breathing and everyday activities more manageable.

Benefits of Intercostal Nerve Block

The most notable benefit of getting an intercostal nerve block is instant pain relief. This injection will also cause a decrease in inflammation in the body as well. The nerve block is ideal for those who find their rib injuries are not healing on their own, or those who find the pain from their injury is interrupting their quality of life. This procedure is a quick outpatient visit and can provide pain relief for several months.

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Are you a Candidate?

Before undergoing any of these procedures, our staff will perform a series of tests to be sure the appropriate source of pain is determined. Following a thorough evaluation, it might be determined that a Intercostal nerve block  could be the solution for providing significant pain relief for patients suffering.


An Intercostal Nerve Block is most commonly used to treat ribcage injuries such as breaks or cracks. If you are having pain in the chest or while breathing from a rib fracture, this injection can also help treat the pain. This nerve block can also help treat pain associated with severe chest pain, shingles or surgical incisions in the region.


If you have more questions about intercostal nerve blocks, or if you want to see if you are a candidate for this procedure, contact our doctors today.

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